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I played in a duo with Gareth Hedges 20 years ago. We released an album of mostly covers, travelled around the SW playing and singing. Gareth actually met SON HOUSE in Rochester New York and still plays with Peter Rowan in the states. Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee are our BLUES PRINT but filtered thro all the other stuff we listen to, like bluegrass harmonies and Bill Munroe and Fred McDowell and Gary Davis. 

Its a miracle we got together again last year and cut this CD . The drummer is George SONNY Horsey on the title track and "Riding Shotgun", based on  a trip I did with my daughter Josie, last year from Natchez to Greenville. I should've left the JD alone. 

£5.00 only + P&P from this website only.

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